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A unit trust is an investment in the stock or bond market. Unit trusts pool money with that of other investors to buy a range of different shares or fixed-interest investments. A unit trust is managed by a portfolio manager, who selects a large variety of investment instruments in an attempt to spread risk and provide superior growth.


Unit trusts are classified according to a three-tier structure. The first tier groups unit trusts according to the geographic focus of the underlying assets; the second according to the asset allocation of the fund; and the third according to the exposure to specific equity sectors or bond and money markets.

Equity Units Trusts

An equity unit trust is the most common type of unit trust. The major portion (a minimum of 75%) of the funds assets is held in equities of listed companies. Over the longer term, it would be anticipated that funds of this sort would produce higher returns, but with higher volatility.

Asset Allocation Unit Trusts

Asset allocation unit trusts combine stocks, bonds and cash investments to take advantage of the potential offered by each type of security. With asset allocation unit trusts, the funds are moved among stocks, bonds, and cash to pursue the maximum advantage of changing markets.

Fixed Interest Unit Trusts

Fixed interest unit trusts invest in the bond and money markets. 

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